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The TEA Masters of Their Craft program recognizes the achievements of individuals — the artists, writers, producers, engineers and craftspeople with distinguished careers who’ve made significant and enduring contributions to the industry through their innovation, leadership, and expertise.

This program recognizes a small number of individuals each year, whose skills epitomize the highest standards within their disciplines and who have used those skills to advance their field and the themed entertainment industry. Each TEA Master has built a body of work over decades that demonstrates consistent quality and execution. Often unknown except among their peers and collaborators, TEA Masters help create visceral stories, rides, attractions, events, and places that thrill, delight, and educate guests worldwide.

The TEA Masters program celebrates diversity in many forms. Masters come from a wide variety of individual backgrounds and disciplines, with growing international representation.

The selection of TEA Masters is more than an honorary recognition; it’s also an invitation to service. Individuals who receive this honor also agree to participate in a range of mentoring and education projects that help students and fellow professionals grow their skills, advance their careers, and establish international standards of excellence.

If you know someone who represents the highest level of craft and professionalism in their field, we invite you to submit their name for consideration as a TEA Master. Share your stories; tell us why you feel they deserve to be honored. Nominate a colleague you know… who you’ve worked with… shared experiences with… and whose work has impacted our world.

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The purpose of the TEA Master program is to recognize outstanding work over the span of a career: the decades of individual experience that cumulatively create a Master of Their Craft.

TEA Masters define and epitomize the highest standards of their discipline. They can communicate their craft with passion and are generous with their time and talents, eager to use their knowledge to create new experiences of the highest caliber while always pushing the limits.

To be eligible for nomination, individual nominees must have a minimum of twenty years’ experience in their discipline.


The TEA Master designation is not conferred based on a single achievement or project. Such recognition is the purpose of the annual Thea Awards.

A TEA Master candidate is not a venue owner or operator, except for individuals who are directly involved in the creation of compelling places or experiences.

No member of the current TEA Masters Selection Committee, nor any member of the current TEA International Board of Directors may be considered.

Recipients of the Buzz Price Thea Award Recognizing a Lifetime of Distinguished Achievements are not eligible for TEA Masters consideration.
  • Buzz Price Award honorees are individuals best known for their overall leadership skills, are world-class generalists who have developed and led large projects or teams with hundreds or even thousands of participants, and/or have played a historic role in the development of the industry.
  • TEA Masters are best known for their achievements in one or more specific disciplines and are world-class specialists
  • This does not preclude TEA Masters recipients from consideration for a future Buzz Price Thea Award.
Leaders of major corporations working in themed entertainment are not eligible to be considered for a TEA Masters award. However, the accomplished owner of a small business based upon the nominee’s specific discipline is eligible.


Q. Who chooses the TEA Masters each year?
A. The existing TEA Masters review the nominations and vote on the selections. The final slate of Masters is reviewed and approved by the TEA International Board.

Q. Does the nominator or nominee have to be a TEA member?
A. No. Anyone can nominate a Master, and anyone can be nominated if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Q. Can I nominate myself?
A. Yes. Anyone can nominate any individual for consideration.

Q. Do I have to tell the nominee I’m submitting their name for consideration?
A. No. It is not required to inform the nominee, although information may be needed (such as portfolio and work samples) that only the nominee can provide. Selected nominees are contacted after being considered and approved by the TEA Masters Committee and the TEA International Board.

Q. Are TEA Masters Nominees required to be currently active in their careers?
A. No. While TEA Masters are generally in the “second half” of their careers, many Masters are actively employed, working, and growing. Others are retired and continue to provide mentoring and knowledge to the industry.

Q. If selected, what is required of a TEA Master?
A. New TEA Masters are asked to participate in the TEA Masters Committee as their schedules permit for a minimum of two years. Participation includes a variety of mentoring and education programs, as well as selecting new candidates for the Masters program.

Q. What are the deadlines and schedule for the nomination process?
A. Nominations are open from April 1 through June 1, 2022. Approved Nominees will be notified in September 2022, and the final slate of new TEA Masters will be inducted in a ceremony at the SATE 2022 Conference in Las Vegas in October 2022.

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